If you want to use the IBM Domino Webserver to offer a few files for download from the file system and not a database, you will face the issue that Domino does not allow "Directory Browsing" by default.

This would force you to either create a new index file or similar, every time you add or remove a file or send an explicit list of files to the person that should download the files.

Fortunately, there is an .INI parameter for that! Add

to your notes.ini, Server Configuration Document or directly to the server console via "set config", restart the webserver and voila, directory browsing is enabled:

Be aware, that is a server wide setting and applies to all Web Sites/Virtual hosts/... and may cause severe security issues!

Source: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Forum - How to enable DOMINO 9.01 HTTP directory browsing ?

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