Cumulative Fix 1 for IBM Sametime 8.5.2 IFR 1 (Standard Configuration) is now available for download from Fix Central.
Cumulative Fix 1 is available for the following primary platform:
1. Windows
2. Linux

Cumulative Fix 1 for IBM Sametime 8.5.2 based (Standard Configuration) includes fixes for the issues listed below in the "SPR Fix List" section as well as 8.5.2 IFR 1 fixes.


SPR Fix List
1. IMAN8S6LJX - defensive fix for Buddylist SubscriptionManager application failure. The failure occurred when user online event is received for a user whose STID community name is not empty.
2. IMAN8RQJ57- Buddylist SubscriptionManager application crashes in a scenario when remote Buddylist application on other community server is unavailable
3. GMOH-8P3HVM - STPresence Subscription excessive traffic issue related to public groups that saturate the network.
4. LKON8UADVW- Intermittent crashes after disconnection from remote servers in the community. The crash itself happens during the relogin attempt between the servers.
5. ECLD8NTKJR - 852 IFR1 fix -> Offline messages channels hang when ldap is down or offline message recipient isn't found in the directory
6. ECLD8NTK54 - 852 IFR1 fix -> Requests that might get lost during respray (relevant not only for offline messages)
7. ECLD8NBMLF - 852 IFR1 fix -> Possible OOM in StOfflineMessages service when handling a very big amount of expired undelivered messages.
8. RBLE8UHHLL - On Demand Cache Refresh
9. RBLE8TFELJ - No Response to Group Content Request in case ST Directory receives 3 (or more) simultaneous requests for the same group.
10.RBLE8RJEGW - Public groups vanish after directory refresh
11. RBLE8QVM7W - Race Condition in ST Directory Breaks Public Group Awareness
12. LKON8T89QM - StLogger intermittently crashes during Sametime Community server shutdown.
13 ARIY8SHFJC - StMux crashed when a Java Connect user had to be redirected through the stand alone mux to another server during the login process.
14. AZTV7PCP3R - New name-change task - to delete from vpuserinfo.nsf, selective-status documents which their 'buddies' field is empty.
15. IMAN8QMLZJ - Client client id/version depended policy solution for SSC deployment
16.IMAN8P4GZV - UserInfo does not respond to Business card user requests if the custom NSF does not have a configured view.
17.IMAN8NPM9C - JNDI LDAP "NameNotFoundException" exception should be logged using INFO level whenever a user name is not found in LDAP directory
18.LKON8S3DRE - In community SSO configuration with dual directory, there are scenario where the server does not search a received DN during in both LDAP and Domino directory.
19. RBLE8RPFEB - Missing Group Members in LDAP Nested Groups when the "Base DN for searching people" in the Stconfig-> LDAP document setting is different than the "Base DN for searching groups
20. RBLE8R4E42 - StLdap Crash After Rebind.

Technote #1609822 :  Technote #1609822> Sametime 852 IFR Cumulative Fix 1

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